I. Distribute Your Rocks Every Week, Big and Small

I like to organize my rock collection weekly because I know exactly how I feel about my week when I don’t. My feet trip over gravel on Monday and I crash into boulders endlessly on Tuesday until I realize I’ve forgotten my important routine.

Your rock collection, ladies and gentleman, is your list of to-dos for the week. Every thing you need to do for work, in your personal life, with friends, in spite of foes and haters --- there’s a place for it in your week and you need to find it. But I don’t have time, you say? Only make space for the rocks that count. Everything that will lead you to a successful week and the strengthening of personal, interpersonal and career relationships should be made time for in your week. If you find that there is extra room left in your schedule, then you can find time for the little rocks. Chances are, though, those rocks can be tossed out.

II. Choose “Happy”

I cannot stress this enough. Imagine a city where everyone woke up and simply chose to spread positivity… Imagine a world! Imagine a life where, instead of worrying about the worst things in your life, you paused to contemplate the inherent goodness in them and smiled? What if that horribly unpleasant interaction with a colleague was viewed as an important lesson in communication? What if a burned pot of rice simply gave you an opportunity to give your digestion a break for the evening?

It takes some practice, but consciously redefining your lenses – the filters with which you view the world – will put you in the position to see things for their best benefit to your life and those around you. I find that my truest power unfolds when I channel negativity and ire into fuel for attacking any tasks I need to get to -- with a smile. Ignite your fire this week by choosing happy!

III. Bring Physical Activity Into Your Week

Yes, I know I may be biased as a fitness trainer, but the endorphins I get from working out and dancing are kind of the reason I chose a path of fitness and movement some years ago. I truly believe that movement dictates most everything about a person and also that the body was designed to move. We crave motion when we become too sedentary, and we fuel ourselves by engaging in physical activity.

If you’re not as active as you’d like, try scheduling a fitness class, a night out dancing or a fun extra-curricular outing involving getting sweaty this week (bonus points if you can get a friend to join you!).

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IV. Treat Yo’ Self

Each week, find awesome ways to do good things for your self. It doesn’t matter if your bank account is ballin’ outta control or you’re living check to check – carve out some “me” time. I personally reserve the end of every Tuesday night for a steaming hot bath, a mask and exfoliant and a soulful, hearty dinner. If I’m feeling like splurging, I’ll book a massage or a facial just to be pampered by someone else. Sometimes, I’ll even just take the second half of my Sunday to disconnect from all forms of technology and do whatever the hell I want to.

Your power is only as good as the balance between work and pleasure, so keep this a priority!

V. Look Into A Mirror, Weekly

Most people find this activity scarier than you might think, but I’ve come to love this secret routine, and I’m happy to now share it with all of you. I like to do it once a week, but more often if I can.

If you choose to try this out, you’ve got two tasks:

1. Ask yourself the question: “What did I do this week to get closer to my dreams?” Make sure to deeply contemplate the answer to this question, or even answer it out loud!

2. Call yourself “beautiful.” I like to sometimes do this naked to reinforce my body-positivity. You can simply make a silent affirmation followed by a smile, but you have to believe it. If you don’t truly believe the first time, try it again next week or say it over and over again until you feel something – it’s all good!



I hope this list was insightful! It's far from exhaustive, so make sure to expand and edit the items for your life and your pursuit of happiness.



Until next time,


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